Riel Manywounds

Riel Manywounds

I think that I would like my art to just be inspirational to other native youth… I just want to inspire people to speak up too, and to heal. And I’m really grateful to have gone through the whole experience of Crazymaking. For the first time ever I felt special as an artist (laughing), you know, to have a whole gallery exhibit and to be working with all the incredible other people, I still remember Erick who passed away…. it was an incredible time and I’ll never forget it. – Rield Manywounds, 2013

Born to both the Tsuu T’ina Nation and Nak’azdli Dakelh Nation, Riel Manywounds, at the age of 23, finds herself located on Coast Salish Territories in Vancouver. During this project she worked for Redwire Magazine. The transitional stretch between both nations and the truths and reality learned from a childhood spent in struggle has only encouraged strong growth and awareness towards her people’s health and wellness.

dreamy black and white faux landscape
All Else is Vanity by Riel Manywounds
Print of a lined figure with their hand beside their mouth looks to be shouting "I've found a reason". Abstracted stars and terrain lie below the large text.
I’ve Found a Reason by Riel Manywounds

black and red print of brick wall and 2 old sailing ships, "Tear for us!" written out
Mourning by Riel Manywounds

Riel Manywounds Artist’s Statement:

This print making experience is Riel’s first to date and has manifested pieces in which are a good representation of

her own healing process from the mental health effects that colonization has had on Indigenous people. Exercising her rights and sharing her story visually through art has found to be her most powerful and productive means of getting her message out to society.

Riel Manywounds Speaks: